80 Degreez

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About the Band. . .

We are a group of young talented teens that enjoy playing music. We range in ages from 13 - 18.

With a sound influenced by the glam-rock of the 80's the spirit of rock 'n' roll is in all of us!  

Gabriella, Lead Vocalist

Gabriella started singing when she was just a toddler.  She put everything to a tune, she even sang the spelling of her name when her grandmother was helping her to learn how to spell it.  

As a young lady her love for music has grown though many different musical styles. 

Her passion with music started to expand when she started percussion in school.  Since then, she has started learning piano as well.    

Dino, Lead Guitarist, Band Founder, Back-up Vocalist

Dino got interested in music at a very young age, when he pretended to be the performers when we was watching an Eagles documentary.  He had all of the toddler play instruments and set them up so that he could play the drums, use the microphone and play guitar at the same time as watching musicians on TV.

He was taken to many concerts of various genres since he was a toddler and enjoyed all of them.  

He didn't start messing around with actually learning an instrument until he was 10.  He started percussion at school and received a guitar for Christmas from his parents.  

After being involved in a school where he took guitar lessons for two years and participated in their band he felt that he wanted to move on.  He decided to start 80 Degreez and has continued to improve on it every since.

Mack, Bassist

Have been playing for 8 years.

I have been influenced over the years by Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Sacred Mushroom.

Alex, Drummer

Alex was interested in Classic Rock bands such as Journey, Foreigner, Reo Speed Wagon and Styx since age 4.

While most 5 years were headed to the Toy section at Walmart Alex would ask to go to “look” at the CD’s.  On February 10, 2012 while browsing the CD’s Alex found a DVD of the band Journey with their new lead singer Arnel.  Alex became fixated on drummer Deen Castronovo.   Alex received a little drum kit and played it for hours on end while watching the Journey DVD over and over trying copy Deen’s every move.  

Check out Alex on his web page, http://www.alexshumaker.com

Ian, Rhythm Guitarist, Keyboard

Bio coming soon!

80 Degreez is available for opening acts, parties, festivals, charity benefits, community events, block parties, etc. If you have an event we can play it. 

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